Outstanding Corporation Award

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

Nominated by Wayne State University

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan is proud to invest in community initiatives to enhance the wellness of all Michiganders. These programs enable people to live healthier lives and provide access to quality, affordable health care while also addressing social determinants of health.

From the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization’s dedication has been highlighted through a comprehensive response to help communities overcome the social and environmental factors also impacting health. Blue Cross has committed more than $1.3 billion to keep the health care ecosystem strong and functioning during the pandemic. This includes supporting a COVID-19 mobile testing program; expanding access to telehealth care and virtual care in communities across the state; addressing food insecurity for children, seniors and other vulnerable populations; and developing sustainable, evidence-based solutions to address the increase of suicide in Michigan.

With nearly $93 million invested in community programs to increase access and improve the quality of care, support health care advancements and address critical public health issues, Blue Cross is helping to drive positive change for Michigan families and communities.

Blue Cross and its partners — including the Wayne State University Center for Health and Community Impact — have helped children across Michigan for more than a decade through the Building Healthy Communities program. The program designed to improve the health of children and families was founded by Blue Cross in 2009. To date, it has helped more than 800 schools undergo healthy school transformations in Michigan, including 340 in metro Detroit. This involves a whole-school approach to providing children with opportunities and education on nutrition and physical activity before and after school, in classrooms, in physical education, at recess and in the cafeteria. In addition, parents and caregivers are active participants through school-based events and at-home education and resources. Among the important outcomes identified are increased youth and family physical activities, reduced childhood obesity and increased school performance.

The program has grown into a collaboration of multiple organizations that have joined Blue Cross and the Wayne State University Center for Health and Community Impact.

These contributions matter to the health and wellbeing of southeast Michigan communities because many of Wayne State University’s health field graduates stay in the area to live and work. At Blue Cross, community impact also means empowering residents to make a difference in their health and well-being. A deep dedication to the Detroit area and recognition of the value of locally educated health professionals in promoting community health and improving health disparities make Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan an Outstanding Corporation.

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