Neal Shine Award

Priya Mann

Neal Shine Award for Media Commitment

Nominated by Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan and Habitat for Humanity

The Girls Scouts of Southeastern Michigan (GSSEM) and Habitat for Humanity are pleased to recognize Priya Mann, a media professional who cares about the community and works to connect it in meaningful ways.

Priya’s engagement with GSSEM began when she came to cover the opening of its office at Brewery Park in Detroit. She was so taken by the organization’s work that she wanted not just to cover the story, but to get personally involved in the mission of empowering girls to be future leaders that will make an impact on the community. She has served as an emcee for the Tough Enough to be a Girl Scout breakfast, recognizing individuals that have empowered and supported women in the workplace. Funds raised from this program support programming for older girls, especially those in underprivileged areas.

Priya’s passion for supporting the next generation of female leaders went even further when she enthusiastically served as a mentor at GSSEM’s first Camp CEO. Priya, along with other business leaders, were paired with girls from at-risk communities for a day of leadership training and activities. Priya gave her mentee insight on what it takes to be successful in a male-dominated world and the challenges she has faced and even had some fun doing camp activities. Beyond that day, Priya has remained in contact with her mentee, making sure she continues to encourage her to do her best. This speaks volumes for the type of person she is.

Further, Priya has supported GSSEM’s girl newsletter Girls Out Loud. Girl Scout members in grades 8-12 plan and produce it through an internship program to give girls who are interested in journalism an introduction to storytelling and building strong writing skills. Priya serves as the adult mentor for Girls Out Loud, and its girl editors are benefitting from her insights and expertise. She has developed strong, nurturing relationships with the girls by helping them to look deeper at their story angles and learn to identify the best imagery to support their story.

Priya has been a strong supporter of Habitat for Humanity, where her passion for connecting with people drew her to Habitat’s mission of bringing people together to build homes, communities, and hope. She has been a longtime supporter of Habitat for Humanity International and the Oakland County affiliate. Priya has worked closely with volunteers and homeowners and completed home exterior projects through their Rock the Block events.

In 2011, Priya joined Habitat volunteers on a mission trip to El Salvador. She has also been the emcee of the affiliate’s annual gala for many years. Habitat Oakland is honored to have Priya as a news ambassador, volunteer, and supporter.

Priya has shown time and time again that she is dedicated to not only covering the news in our community, but willing to throw herself into it with both feet, roll up her sleeves, and truly make a difference.

Priya Mann is the youngest recipient of this award since it was created in 1994.